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Reena Chopra: Bridging Psychology and Parenthood

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Welcome to Reena Chopra’s corner, where expertise in psychology meets the daily challenges of parenthood. As a seasoned psychologist and a dedicated mother of a preschooler and a teenager, Reena brings a unique blend of professional insight and personal experience to her work.

With a passion for understanding the human mind and behaviour, Reena has devoted her career to helping individuals navigate life’s complexities. Her journey into motherhood has only deepened her understanding of the intricacies of human relationships, development, and well-being.

Reena’s Approach:
Combining her professional knowledge with real-world parenting experiences, Reena offers a holistic approach to addressing psychological issues. Whether it’s managing stress, improving communication, or fostering positive relationships within the family, Reena provides practical guidance tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances.
Reena Chopra holds a Master of Arts in Psychology, with certifications in Child Psychology. Additionally, she possesses an MBA in Human Resources and a Master’s degree in Commerce.


Dr. Shibashish Giri

Dr. Shibashish Giri


Dr. Sadasiba Mohapatra

Our Advisory Team

Full name: Dr. Joslyn Henriques
Qualitification: PhD Psychology, MA Psychology, NET
Job title: Professor
Your interest: Teaching, Research
Location : Goa

Full Name: Seema Devgan
Director: Bloomflied Kindergarten School
Interest: Nurturing young minds for Holistic growth
Location: Chandigarh

Full Name: Dr. Mani Parti Bhara
Qualification: Ph.D, M.phil, SD College,
Location: Chandigarh.
Interest: Research and Guiding youth


Therapies & Treatments

Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Anxiety disorders cause severe, uncontrollable sensations of concern, panic, fear, and/or anxiety in their sufferers. These emotions may persist for a long period and may cause problems with day-to-day tasks.

Child Behaviour , Development and Parent Coaching

Parenting coaches are specialists in the behaviour and development of children. They can provide you advice on how to deal with difficult circumstances, interact with your child in a positive way, and promote a positive parent-child bond.

Parents Guidance ( Teen Behaviour issues ) 

Adolescents will go through a variety of emotions and communicate with their parents or siblings in a variety of ways as they grow. Adolescents will benefit from your guidance, boundaries, and establishment of healthy relationships as you support them through the trials of puberty.

Delayed Writing and Speech

A developmental language issue may be indicated if a kid has persistent language delay. Children who suffer from developmental language disorders experience challenges in speaking and/or understanding that interfere with their daily life.

Individual and Couple Conselling

Psychologists assist individuals or couples in identifying their assets and locating strategies to deal with challenges and daily issues. Counselling psychologists concentrate on how people interact with their surrounding.

ADHD ( Impulsive / Hyper Active Kids )

Hyperactive children are easily bored, restless, and fidgety. They could find it difficult to remain motionless or silent when necessary. They might move quickly and make thoughtless errors. When they shouldn’t, they might roughhouse, climb, or jump.

Career Counselling

For employees, corporate counselling functions similarly to a health care plan. It contributes to finding answers for the employees psychological health issues. Employees develop a mindset and discover how to use it to solve issues.

Coporate Counselling

In order to make decisions about your job, education, and personal life, career counselling is a process that will assist you in getting to know and understand yourself as well as the working environment. There’s more to career development than choosing your major and desired post-graduation employment.


  • "Reena Chopra has helped me grow significantly as a teenager. When I first met her, I often felt confused about my life and struggled to make decisions. My relationship with my parents was also very distant. However, after a few sessions, I now feel more confident and can express my views to my parents in a more supportive way." — Maninder, 17 years old, Amritsar

  • "Talking to Reena Chopra has been a game-changer for me. She understands what I'm going through and offers real advice that I can use every day. I feel more confident and less stressed about school and friendships." — Ravi, 17 years old  ( Goa )

  • Reena Chopra has been a lifesaver for our family. Our preschooler was having frequent tantrums, and we felt lost. Through her guidance, we've learned effective techniques to manage these outbursts, and our home is much more peaceful now. We can't thank her enough!" — Anita & Raj, Parents of a 4-year-old, Delhi
  • Reena Chopra is truly a remarkable psychologist. Her dedication to her clients is evident in every session. She has a unique ability to connect with both children and parents, making the entire family feel supported and understood." — A Grateful Family, Bhubaneswar
  • "I am a mother to a child with ADHD who struggles with sitting still. I was taking my son for regular therapy, but my own well-being was getting compromised. Reena Ma'am helped me understand the importance of my own well-being and enabled me to be more productive in helping my son." — Anonymous, Mom to a 4-year-old preschooler, Cuttack/Odisha
  • "I am a mother to an 8-year-old daughter, and I am in the process of separation. Our separation journey was impacting my daughter’s well-being, but with Reena Ma'am's help, my daughter has accepted the fact that her parents are separating for a healthier environment and life."- Anonymous mother , Pune
  • "I went to many interviews but failed each time. Then I consulted Reena Chopra, where we practiced several mock sessions. With her help, I was able to crack an interview with a corporate house. Thanks, Ma'am. – Manpreet, 22, Mohali."

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